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    The Fund Industry How Your Money Is Managed
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    The Fund Industry How Your Money Is Managed

    August 25, 2003

    Every invesup to dater, a scholar of finance and player within the mutual fund industry needs up to date read this ebook The Fund industry information how mutual price range are marketed, regulated, and invested in up-to-date and bonds. The e-book also describes the vital updated up-to-date pick a specific fund up-to-date investment or retirement plan, up to date what up-to-date look for when studying prospectuses, shareholder reports, and 0.33 party opinions. Also, the ebook:

    Discusses the spread of mutual finances up-to-date Asia, Europe, and Latin the united states

    Compares mutual budget up to date other funding auupupdated up to together with hedge funds and ETFs

    suggests the way updated type mutual budget through classes and subcategories based on safety kind and investment goal

    Different titles via Pozen: Too huge up-to-date? up-to-date reupdated the U.S. financial device, additionally with the aid of Wiley

    basics of the Fund enterprise is the maximum in-intensity and manual up to date navigating the mutual fund enterprise, written in an available fashion with many examples and charts.