The Fearful Dental Patient A Guide To Understanding And Managing
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The Fearful Dental Patient A Guide To Understanding And Managing

August 25, 2003

The Fearful Cosmetic Dentistry: A Guide to Recognizing and Managing helps dentists understand the fundamentals of anxiety, stress, and phobias as well as the function those emotions play in generating negative behavior inside the dental environment. The text includes many different modalities which help identify dental anxiety and anxiety, in addition to chair-side methods and practical guidance aimed at enhancing patient collaboration and ensuring treatment compliance.


Chapter topics include the fundamental origins of individual fear and nervousness, the way to identify dental stress and diverse approaches to handling fearful patients of any age. Procedures discussed apply psychiatric, behavioral, sedation as well as hypnotic methods, defining mixtures where required. Chapters also have coverage of a broad assortment of patients, such as individuals with psychiatric comorbidities and specific health care needs. The whole dental staff will considerably benefit from the tested approaches, and practical advice demonstrated to understand better and treat fearful dental patients.

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