The Idea Of History By R G Collingwood
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The Idea Of History By R G Collingwood

August 25, 2003

The concept of history is the fine-acknowledged work of the incredible Oxford logician, historian, and archaeologist R.G. Collingwood. It became at the beginning published posthumously in 1946, having been specially reconstructed from Collingwood’s manuscripts, a lot of that are now misplaced. This vital painting examines how the concept of records has developed from the time of Herodotus to the 20th century and gave Collingwood’s view of what records is.

For this revised edition, Collingwood’s most vital lectures on the philosophy of history are posted right here for the primary time. These texts had been organized via Jan van der Dussen from manuscripts which have most effective lately emerge as available.

The lectures include Collingwood’s first comprehensive statement of his philosophy of history; they’re therefore important for a complete understanding of his notion, and especially for an accurate interpretation of The concept of records itself. Van der Dussen contributes a full-size advent in which he explains the historical past to this new edition and surveys the scholarship of the remaining fifty years.

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