The Templar Series By Paul Christopher
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The Templar Series By Paul Christopher

August 25, 2003

Inside the 14th century, Templar knight Jean de St. Clair was tasked with piloting the order’s treasure-weighted down fleets off the coast of France. To this stop, he used Jacob’s body of workers-a nautical device supposedly evolved in his very own time. But retired navy Ranger Lt. Col. John Holliday possesses personnel he observed in the fingers of a 4,000 yr-old Egyptian mummy. Holliday suspects that St. Clair might also hold the important thing to unlocking the mystery of the ruthless, enigmatic Templars.

However, there are individuals who accept as true with that a few questions ought to remain unanswered. And that the solutions Holliday seek need to go together with him to the grave…

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